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Shortly after securing their Series B funding round, ThreeFlow underwent a transformative brand redesign, aligning their visual identity with their evolving goals and aspirations. However, as the company continued to experience rapid growth, it became evident that their brand needed to extend beyond its initial applications and venture into new channels.

Recognizing this need, ThreeFlow entrusted us with the crucial task of taking their existing brand and amplifying it to create fresh and innovative applications that would effectively engage their target audience across diverse platforms. With careful consideration and a deep understanding of their brand ethos, we embarked on this mission to expand their brand's reach and ensure its seamless integration into new channels, thereby empowering ThreeFlow to maximize its impact and captivate audiences in previously unexplored realms.

Tortoise Slow Foods apart in the restaurant industry.

We partnered with Tortoise Slow Foods to create a captivating brand that embodied their commitment to slow, sustainable, and delicious food. Through extensive research and collaboration, we developed a distinctive logo and brand identity that reflected their values. We extended the brand across various applications, including menu design, interior graphics, packaging, website development, and social media integration. Our goal was to create a cohesive and visually appealing brand experience that showcased their culinary offerings and fostered a connection with their target audience. The result was a captivating brand presence that set Tortoise Slow Foods apart in the restaurant industry and established a strong foundation for their business growth.

We partnered with Lilt to embark on a transformative journey of designing a new brand look and feel. With a deep understanding of Lilt's vision and goals, we worked closely with their team to craft a unique and compelling brand identity that truly represented their essence. Through meticulous research and collaboration, we developed a fresh logo, refined typography, and a cohesive color palette that captured the spirit of Lilt's innovative language translation technology. The result was a visually stunning and cohesive brand aesthetic that resonated with Lilt's target audience, elevating their brand presence and setting them apart in the language translation industry.