Motion Design and Storytelling Studio

in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Emotion-driven design and stories.

As s motion design and storytelling studio, our main focus is on helping brands create content. We curate a team of storytellers: writers, illustrators, animators and sound designers to create unique and tell stories that brands stand out from the noise of traditional advertising.

We created CatCow with the belief that any good marketing campaign triggers emotion and creates an experience for your audience that is engaging, compelling, and memorable. There are few better ways to create this emotion than through video.



Kelly Messori

Co-founder and Executive Producer

Kelly is the writer, the project manager and the one who makes sure everyone eats lunch.

She has been helping companies communicate with their audiences for the past eight years and has worked with innovative startups such as SlingTV. Exclusive Resorts and Lilt.

She speaks English, Spanish and French.

Reach her at


Damian Messori

Co-founder and Art Director

Damian was born in the south of Argentina but he grew up in Buenos Aires where he graduated from the University of Buenos Aires with a degree is graphic design.

He is passionate about art, learning, thinking and creating. Sketching ideas for future illustrations or animations is just about his all-time favorite activity.

He speaks Spanish, English and can swear in Italian.

Reach him at

Our Team

Our team is composed of talented artists from around the world and right here in the Midwest. We work with illustrators, animators, sound designers, and writers to create high-quality, unique films.

Our Values

• Quality – We don’t do crappy designs, even if that means it takes a little longer to get it done.

• Transparency – We are open in our feedback, time and prices.

• Open-mindedness – We work with all types of companies, people, and cultures.

• Creativity – We do our best to always keep learning and trying new things.

Our Mission

Create work that we and our clients are proud to put our names on. Celebrate creativity and have fun with each project we take on.