June 4, 2024

Artists We Work With: Zuzanna Kucharska

Introducing Our New Series: Artists We Work With

We are excited to introduce a new series on our blog called 'Artists We Work With,' where we spotlight the incredible talent at CatCow Animation Studio. In this series, you'll get an inside look at the journeys, experiences, and insights of the artists who bring our visions to life. Today, we're thrilled to kick off this series by featuring an exceptional 3D artist whose work spans from mobile gaming to immersive VR and AR experiences.

Meet the Artist: Zuzanna Kucharska

Zuzanna Kucharska

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your background in 3D art?

As a 3D artist, my career began in the realm of mobile gaming. From there, I transitioned to the movie industry, where I contributed to various Disney franchises as a previsualization artist and generalist. This experience allowed me to hone my skills and expand my portfolio. Later, I delved into VR and AR projects for high-profile clients like Este Lauder, Lego, and Nestle. More recently, I've focused on gaming, using my expertise as an animator and 3D modeler to create immersive virtual experiences. I've also led animated projects, overseeing them from inception to final editing.

How did you get started in the field of 3D art and animation?

My journey into the 3D realm began with a Maya course in the vibrant city of London. This course provided a solid foundation in generalist skills and sparked my passion for exploring the captivating world of animation.

Credit: Zuzanna Kucharska

What has been your favorite project to work on, and why?

My recent favorite project involved shaping the pitch animation for game development. Working with fantastic clients made this project incredibly engaging and rewarding. Ultimately, it was successful in securing funding for development, which was a gratifying outcome.

How do you see the field of 3D art evolving in the next few years?

I believe we will see a massive concentration on gaming and VR/AR projects in the coming years. These areas are rapidly growing and offer exciting opportunities for innovation and creativity.

Credit: Zuzanna Kucharska

What trends or technologies in 3D art are you most excited about?

I'm genuinely excited about real-time software catching up with offline rendering in terms of quality. This advancement will revolutionize the industry, making high-quality rendering more accessible and efficient.

What advice would you give to aspiring 3D artists looking to enter the industry?

Always be learning new tools and never stop learning in general. As an artist, it's essential to continuously keep up with new technologies and trends. This mindset will help you stay relevant and competitive in the industry.

Are there any resources (books, courses, websites) that you would recommend for learning and improving 3D art skills?

In today's world, advanced technology is readily accessible, and anyone can learn virtually anything from the internet. However, I would suggest beginning your journey with a course led by industry specialists. Afterward, you can explore online resources to further enhance and differentiate your skills.

Outside of 3D art, what other hobbies or interests do you have?

I am very passionate about storytelling. So, I write scripts and make my own movies. This hobby complements my work in 3D art, allowing me to bring stories to life through various mediums.

Stay tuned for more interviews and insights from the talented artists we work with in our new series. We hope you find inspiration and valuable knowledge from their journeys and experiences.