Our Animation Process

We pride ourselves on a transparent, streamlined process that keeps projects on time and our customers in the loop. 


We’ll dive down into the essence of your company to unearth the story that motivates your customers. We’ll brainstorm different ideas and concepts until we find the perfect one. We also lay out a project schedule with milestones where you’ll be able to review and give feedback at every step in the project.


Our scriptwriters work on getting your story on paper and writing the words so that they fit just right together.

Story Boarding

This is where your story starts to take shape. Our illustrators create a storyboard that lays out the main actions of each scene.



Our illustrators will create a custom style for your video based incorporating your brand’s look and feel. We don’t use templates or stock images here, instead we create characters, icons and scenes that meet your brand’s style and expectations.

Our animators roll up their sleeves and get to work on making your story come alive through animated video.


Our sound designers sync up the finished video with background music, voice over and sound effects to give it that extra je ne sais quoi.

Sound Design

We deliver your files in HD and pop up a bottle of bubbly!