Producer: Kelly Messori

Script/storyboard: Kelly Messori and Damian Messori

Illustration: Eliza Ravets

Animation: Belo Q

Sound design: Robert Jung

Farwell is just a few blocks from our office in Madison, WI, so we were delighted when they asked us to help them create a video that would tell their story. Their website is filled with information about how they help companies with change management, so another how-to video wasn't what they were looking for. Instead, they wanted to tell clients and prospective clients about the problems they were solving and how they make a good partner. In summary, they wanted to tell people why they exist.

The Concept

We knew the story behind Farwell but to find the perfect way to tell it was the challenge. We read through whitepapers, interviewed employees and drank a lot of tea. Talking about change, and animating it, could be very literal (an office employee frustrated with changing priorities and slowly getting older while project deadlines keep getting pushed back) or very abstract (think shifting shapes and lines morphing together).

But it was in one of Farwell's whitepapers about change management that we found our inspiration: "Change is hard. Like climbing a mountain is hard."

We took this line as the opening of our script and ran with the mountain climber metaphor to describe why Farwell exists in a fun, visual way.

The Storyboard

Up until this project, our team at CatCow had been using a mix of Google Docs, e-mail attachments and Slack messages to collaborate on projects. We knew this wasn't a scalable, long-term solution so we started looking around for other tools. Luckily, we landed on Boords pretty quickly. Boords let us collaborate on the script and storyboard, and easily share it with Farwell. We especially loved the animatic tool, to which we could add the voice over - this really helps the client and our team visualize the video!



The Final Product

When creating an animated video, you always want the client to be happy, but also your team needs to feel like they did an excellent job. The team of animators and illustrators at CatCow were over the moon with this video. Working with Farwell was a breeze thanks to their dedication to speedy feedback and review turnaround.

My company hired CatCow to create an animated explanation video for our “why we exist” story. From day one, they were able to quickly understand our complex narrative and turn it into a pithy, engaging and easy-to-digest video. They are excellent communicators and pride themselves on all aspects of effective project management - timeline, budget, and scope. We will continue to use CatCow as we grow and expand.
— Nick Lombardino, Farwell